Figure 4. Immigration Working Group. Artist, immigration lawyer, and activist Carolina Rubio-MacWright kicks off ArtPlace’s Arts, Culture, and Immigration Working Group with a creative exercise. Co-hosted by ArtPlace America, Welcoming America, and the City of Asylum Pittsburgh, the two-day convening brought together artists, researchers, immigration advocates, local officials, and others to advance the scholarship and practice of arts-integrated immigration work.
Photograph taken from above, looking down toward a group of thirty people sitting at rectangular tables arranged in a circle. A woman with dark brown hair, a white jacket, and black skirt is standing in front of a screen where instructional text is projected, smiling at another member of the group who is speaking into a microphone. The room has a colorful rug in the center, big concrete columns with orange curtains hanging down from the ceiling, and stacks of bookshelves behind the group of people.
Photograph © Renee Rosensteel.