Figure 1. Figure 1 demonstrates the outcome of an interdisciplinary group of university students and faculty members searching the archive of art and curating an artistic narrative to gain insights into living in pandemic times, thereby adopting a health humanities approach.
This slide features ten different artworks illustrating “experiences over time.” Images, such as a black-and-white pencil drawing of a girl against a floral background and a black-and-white figure alone in a room, are connected with lines to the word “Lonely.” A painting of a small plant amidst a colorful background is one of several images connected with lines to the words “Recovering from Dark Thoughts.” A digital image of a woman reclining on a daybed petting a cat is associated with the words “Escape from Reality.” A small circular embroidery hoop depicts a floor plan of an apartment building with red thread to trace movement during the pandemic, and a painting of a nude woman, pictured from behind, are both connected to the word “Confined.” Several images are connected to the words “Our potential future,” including a rectangular photograph of groceries and a blue and pink painting of figures in bubbles, moving through a cityscape. A series of colorful collaged monsters along with a yellow, green, blue, pink, and red acrylic painting of a face in profile connect to the words “Attempting to Hold Together Apart” as well as “Jumping back and forth between self-care and self-hate.”