Figure 2. The Role of Arts and Culture in Equitable Community Development: A Visual Analysis. ArtPlace created an interactive website and infographic to navigate the cross-cutting themes of the Translating Outcomes research. On the website (, each theme is a live link that takes readers deeper into the frameworks, case studies, and partners developed within each of the ten sectors.
A multi-colored text based-graphic in a sunburst shape, with the title “Arts and culture can…” at the top left of the image. Each ray in the sunburst lists a different role of arts and culture in equitable community development. Starting at the top of the sunburst and moving clockwise, the first section has two rays in brick-red text: Transform Spaces and Reflect Community Identity. A second section has five rays in gold text: Bridge Differences, Ensure Cultural Continuity, Cultivate Individual Agency, Facilitate Collaboration, and Advance Wellbeing.  A third section has six rays in lavender text:  Heal Community Trauma, Center People, Build Collective Power, Make Issues Compelling, Imagine New Approaches, and Generate Resources.  At the center of the sunburst are three dotted line circles describing the different colors used in the graphic. The brick-red circle is labeled “Physical,” the gold circle is labeled “Social,” and the lavender circle is labeled “Systemic.”