Call for Submissions

Priority date for submissions is Friday, February 28, 2020.

The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) issues a call for submissions to its online peer-reviewed collection of interdisciplinary arts projects, Ground Works.

We welcome submissions that integrate research and practice in the fine, performing, and applied arts and design with other disciplines. We seek a wide range of interdisciplinary works that pose a challenge to traditional peer review methods by inviting examination from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Eligible projects have achieved some initial recognition; they may be collaborative or sole-author, but should demonstrably advance multiple fields within and beyond the arts.

Submissions may take traditional forms—performances, exhibitions, compositions, publications, or designed and built projects—that also contribute to fields for which such forms are not typical. Equally, contributions that demonstrate experimental, non-traditional, or atypical approaches are welcomed.

Irrespective of mediums and approaches, successful submissions will reveal the integrative processes behind their work. These projects will be included in an online, open-access showcase of exemplar projects that contribute to understanding of the practices that underlie arts-integrative interdisciplinary work.

"New submissions begin with a brief suitability review. This asks you to submit a short summary of the project, a statement of relevance, and appropriate links (sign in to begin submission process and see specific prompts). These are reviewed by Editors for fit with the scope and mission of the journal. There is an anticipated 10-day turnaround on decisions in Stage 1. Submitters may then be invited to the second project review stage (anticipated 1-month turnaround), in which they provide a 1,000 word narrative addressing the interdisciplinary innovations and integrations found within the project, as well as media for their project. Stage 2 submissions will be examined by three external reviewers. Successfully evaluated projects are included in our online compendium, and their authors are invited to contribute reflections on their process and effective practice.

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Guidelines for Authors

Ground Works Editorial Board 2020

Ground Works Exemplars

As early groundwork for Ground Works, a2ru invited submissions of interdisciplinary projects--especially those crossing science, engineering, art, and design--to its 2015 conference. Six of those projects were selected, presented, and given guided critique sessions that were meant to establish an understanding of the review of such projects. When the Ground Works platform was created, A2RU partner and Ground Works co-founder Kevin Hamilton assembled the materials that CENAS (one of those six projects) had submitted and crafted an exemplar of the type of arts-integrative, interdisciplinary work the platform seeks. You can view CENAS as the first published article.

In addition, the 2019 A2RU Conference Edition, published using Ground Works, offers further exemplars of what might constitute a Ground Works article. It should be noted that the conference edition used mildly modified review criteria and article formats. You can view these two articles online:

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