Puhlkari by Kira Bhumber. Photographer: Andrew Howell. Used with permission

Ground Works is a platform for exemplary arts-inclusive research projects and reflection on the processes that drive interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Vibrant Ecologies of Research

Editor: Aaron D. Knochel

What are the elements necessary to create a vibrant ecology of research where art and design inquiry may flourish alongside, within, and out of social and physical science research that is so deeply embedded within the fiber of research-oriented universities? In this special collection of Ground Works, the project work and commentaries explore vibrant ecologies of research, deepening our understanding of the institutional, social, and epistemological systems that effectively weave arts-based inquiry into the scholarly fabric of research.

August 2022 · 10.48807/2022.2.0001 · CC-BY-NC

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Ground Works Call for Proposals: Special Edition on Community-Partnered Research/Inquiry

This Ground Works special edition, Creating Knowledge in Common, centers university-community partnered creative inquiry. The editors define creative inquiry as shared, open frameworks of knowl...


November 21, 2022

Join Livestreamed Panel Discussion of the Reco(r)ding CripTech Project

Please join us for a free and open-to-the-public livestream of the panel discussion “Reco(r)ding CripTech: a Ground Works project documenting collaborative creative process” on Friday, November 4, ...


October 14, 2022

Ground Works Launches First Special Collection

a2ru Ground Works launched its first special collection, Vibrant Ecologies of Research, on August 4, 2022. The collection explores guest Editor Aaron D. Knochel’s question "What are the elements ...


August 11, 2022


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Realm of the Dead: A Mixed-Media Installation Performance

Realm of the Dead (“Realm”) is a mixed-media installation performance where the installation can also be given separately as an art exhibit. A blend of social work and arts research, Realm incorporates practice-led, engagement, and design research – visual and performance art practi...

Realm of the Dead: A Mixed-Media Installation Performance

Rogério Meireles Pinto
Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Songwork

“Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Songwork” was a two-year research project that explored the construction of identity through the act of singing. The heart of the project was a six-month laboratory period in which the three of us worked closely together, on a full-time basis, as skilled perfo...

Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Songwork

Ben Spatz, Nazlıhan Eda Erçin, and Agnieszka Mendel
Cultural Engagements in Nutrition, Arts and Sciences (CENAS)

Borrowing the Spanish word for “dinner,” CENAS is a transdisciplinary working group of scholars and artists developing, implementing and evaluating innovative approaches to healthy eating at the individual and community level, with arts practices at its center. Since 2012, CENAS has been involve...

Cultural Engagements in Nutrition, Arts and Sciences (CENAS)

Tamara Underiner, Stephani Etheridge Woodson, Robert Karimi, and Seline Szkupinski Quiroga
Space Noise by Maite Iribarren, inspired by Coronal Mass Ejections. Photographer: Maite Iribarren. Used with permission

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Invited commentary on Vibrant Ecologies of Research

Cripping Media Art Ecologies

Lindsey D. Felt and Vanessa Chang

By remaking the creative design cycle through an accessibility and disability justice lens, Leonardo CripTech Incubator scaffolds new forms of artistic access. Bringing a disability justice lens to art-and-technology research practice and to this incubator’s design, we position ourselves as facilitators in this vibrant ecology, calling up other critical voices in this process. 

August 2022 · 10.48807/2022.1.0011 · CC-BY-NC-SA

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I am glad that I engaged this experiment in transdisciplinary review and feel that the conversational review format served to increase my agency as a maker at the intersection of art, science, and medicine.

July 2021 · 10.48807/2022.1.0006

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