Puhlkari by Kira Bhumber. Photographer: Andrew Howell. Used with permission

Ground Works is a platform for exemplary arts-inclusive research projects and reflection on the processes that drive interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Ask An Editor

March 3, 2021

Wondering about the Ground Works submission process? Interested in connecting with other people who work in the interstices of the arts and other disciplines? Want to bounce a submission idea o...

Special Edition Deadline Extended

March 3, 2021

The deadline for submissions to the special edition *Vibrant Ecologies of Research* has been extended to March 12, 2021. View the [Call for Proposals](https://groundworks.io/proposals/2/home_show) ...

Video from Webinar "Publishing Art Online" Now Available

February 11, 2021

Check out the video of a2ru's Feb 26 webinar, ["Publishing Art Online: An Editor's-Eye View."](https://vimeo.com/517309982) Kevin Hamilton moderates this conversation among editors from *a2ru Groun...


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Choreografish: an arts-based, virtual reality, anxiety intervention for autism

Choreografish is a participatory research project leveraging virtual reality, arts engagement, and design to collaborate with young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The research team was motivated by a combination of observations: that some people with ASD experience social anxiety and...

Choreografish: an arts-based, virtual reality, anxiety intervention for autism

Eric Handman, Roger Altizer, Cheryl Wright, and Greg Bayles
Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Songwork

“Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Songwork” was a two-year research project that explored the construction of identity through the act of singing. The heart of the project was a six-month laboratory period in which the three of us worked closely together, on a full-time basis, as skilled perfo...

Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Songwork

Ben Spatz, Nazlıhan Eda Erçin, and Agnieszka Mendel
Machines That Dream

Watching and Dreaming is a body of work that enables the viewer to peer inside the “mind” of a machine to observe its perceptions, mind wanderings, and dreams. This is not a metaphorical representation of dreams, nor a technical exercise in AI such as DeepDream [1] but the realization of a comput...

Machines That Dream

Benjamin David Robert Bogart

Recent Commentaries

A Reflection on 'Machines that Dream'

Author commentary by Benjamin David Robert Bogart on Machines That Dream

My aim is not merely to make use of knowledge in cognitive neuroscience, but to contribute through the generative capacity of artistic practice. However, the work remains in limbo, unpublished in disciplinary contexts and merely summarized in interdisciplinary journals.

Groundwork for Ground Works

Commentary on Cultural Engagements in Nutrition, Arts and Sciences (CENAS)

As early groundwork for Ground Works, a2ru invited submissions of interdisciplinary projects. Six of those projects played a seminal role in shaping the platform and helping to define the a2ru transdisciplinary space.