Puhlkari by Kira Bhumber. Photographer: Andrew Howell. Used with permission

Ground Works is a platform for exemplary arts-inclusive research projects and reflection on the processes that drive interdisciplinary collaboration.

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a2ru Ground Works Panel Explores Art-Science Collaboration

May 4, 2022, Please join:

-Moderator Joey Orr, Curator for Research at the University of Kansas Spencer Museum of Art

-Interdisciplinary team comprised of video artist Janet Biggs, mathemat...


April 13, 2022

a2ru Ground Works Receives CELJ Honorable Mention

The Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) has awarded Ground Works an Honorable Mention for Best New Journal in 2021. CELJ announced the award at this year's Modern Language Association (...


March 24, 2022

Newly Published Article on *Ground Works*

a2ru and the Ground Works editorial staff send out congratulations to Edgar Cardenas, Kevin Hamilton, and Sandra Rodegher on the publication of their paper about Ground Works, "The Future of Ar...


January 24, 2022


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Unfolding the Genome

From 2009-2011, we worked together at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (Broad Institute, n.d.), building on a study (Lieberman-Aiden & Van Berkum et al., 2009) that made it possible to explore how the human genome, the DNA contained in every cell of the body, folds in 3D. At the outset o...

Unfolding the Genome

Gupi Ranganathan, Erez Lieberman Aiden, and Aiden Lab
Machines That Dream

Watching and Dreaming is a body of work that enables the viewer to peer inside the “mind” of a machine to observe its perceptions, mind wanderings, and dreams. This is not a metaphorical representation of dreams, nor a technical exercise in AI such as DeepDream [1] but the realization of a comput...

Machines That Dream

Benjamin David Robert Bogart
Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Songwork

“Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Songwork” was a two-year research project that explored the construction of identity through the act of singing. The heart of the project was a six-month laboratory period in which the three of us worked closely together, on a full-time basis, as skilled perfo...

Judaica: An Embodied Laboratory for Songwork

Ben Spatz, Nazlıhan Eda Erçin, and Agnieszka Mendel
Space Noise by Maite Iribarren, inspired by Coronal Mass Ejections. Photographer: Maite Iribarren. Used with permission

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Recent Commentaries

Groundwork for Ground Works

Commentary on Cultural Engagements in Nutrition, Arts and Sciences (CENAS)

As early groundwork for Ground Works, a2ru invited submissions of interdisciplinary projects. Six of those projects played a seminal role in shaping the platform and helping to define the a2ru transdisciplinary space.

Reviewing “Choreografish” for Ground Works

Reviewer commentary by Sydney Skybetter on Choreografish: an arts-based, virtual reality, anxiety intervention for autism

“Choreografish” thoughtfully applies choreographic practice to virtual reality, work that will no doubt shape dancerly engagement with the digital for years to come. What was most inspiring about the project was how it bravely braided strains of expertise that too rarely come into contact.