Puhlkari by Kira Bhumber. Photographer: Andrew Howell. Used with permission

Ground Works is a platform for exemplary arts-inclusive research projects and reflection on the processes that drive interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Vibrant Ecologies of Research

Editor: Aaron D. Knochel

What are the elements necessary to create a vibrant ecology of research where art and design inquiry may flourish alongside, within, and out of social and physical science research that is so deeply embedded within the fiber of research-oriented universities? In this special collection of Ground Works, the project work and commentaries explore vibrant ecologies of research, deepening our understanding of the institutional, social, and epistemological systems that effectively weave arts-based inquiry into the scholarly fabric of research.

August 2022 · 10.48807/2022.2.0001 · CC-BY-NC

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a2ru Ground Works Receives CELJ Honorable Mention

The Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) has awarded Ground Works an Honorable Mention for Best New Journal in 2021. CELJ announced the award at this year's Modern Language Association (...


March 24, 2022

Newly Published Article on *Ground Works*

a2ru and the Ground Works editorial staff send out congratulations to Edgar Cardenas, Kevin Hamilton, and Sandra Rodegher on the publication of their paper about Ground Works, "The Future of Ar...


January 24, 2022

Ground Works Seeks Submissions

a2ru Ground Works accepts project submissions on a rolling basis. We welcome submissions that integrate research and practice in the fine, performing, and applied arts and design with other disci...


November 16, 2021


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In a Time of Change: A Nested Ecosystem of Environmental Arts, Humanities, and Science Collaboration

The integration of environmental science with arts and humanities (eSAH) has the potential to advance public understanding of science while inspiring emotional responses and attitude shifts that lead to pro-environmental behavior. The In a Time of Change (ITOC) program, an eSAH incubator in Alask...

In a Time of Change: A Nested Ecosystem of Environmental Arts, Humanities, and Science Collaboration

Mary Beth Leigh and Lissy Goralnik
Unfolding the Genome

From 2009-2011, we worked together at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (Broad Institute, n.d.), building on a study (Lieberman-Aiden & Van Berkum et al., 2009) that made it possible to explore how the human genome, the DNA contained in every cell of the body, folds in 3D. At the outset o...

Unfolding the Genome

Gupi Ranganathan, Erez Lieberman Aiden, and Aiden Lab
ASKXXI: Ecologies of Interdisciplinary Research and Practice in Art + Science and Technology

ASKXXI: Arts + Science Knowledge Building and Sharing in the XXI (21st) Century was a US-Chile pilot program fostering inquiry and inter-hemispheric collaboration in art, emerging technologies, and the ecological sciences. Funded through a US Embassy public diplomacy grant, ASKXXI was an adaptive...

ASKXXI: Ecologies of Interdisciplinary Research and Practice in Art + Science and Technology

Genevieve G. Tremblay, Jeff Brice, Fernanda Dunlop, Nelida Pohl, and Belen Gallardo
Space Noise by Maite Iribarren, inspired by Coronal Mass Ejections. Photographer: Maite Iribarren. Used with permission

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We imagined that they might even extend or expand the conversation to include the work’s creators, fostering a back-and-forth that would fortify the work and counteract scholarly isolation...I can confidently report that the review-as-real-time-conversation works

July 2021 · 10.48807/2022.1.0004

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Delight, because Ground Works is so young, and so many risks have been taken but not all of them have proven fruitful (yet), and it’s very satisfying to see confirmed our hunch that reviewing together could be a generative thing.

July 2021 · 10.48807/2022.1.0008

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