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Last Word on Reviewing “Choreografish” for Ground Works

Reviewer commentary by Veronica Stanich

Publication Date: July 27, 2021

DOI: https://doi.org/10.48807/2022.1.0008

I’m the beginning and the end of the circle; I get the last word.

I asked Lise, Sydney, and Eric to write about their experience with Ground Works review because I sensed that it had been so positive and gratifying; now, reading their abounding positive commentary, I squirm with both delight and chagrin. Delight, because Ground Works is so young, and so many risks have been taken but not all of them have proven fruitful (yet), and it’s very satisfying to see confirmed our hunch that reviewing together could be a generative thing. Chagrin, because I think I must balance their rosy report on Ground Works collaborative review by saying something about how the process has sometimes faltered and failed. I was horribly unclear in the early reviews, leaving reviewers confused and submitters rightfully pissed off. Even in the “Choreografish” process, there were leaks; for example, the supporting data that Lise pegged as critical for the article didn’t make it into the final publication. For sure, the collaborative review process is itself still in process.

Eric, Lise, and Sydney, thank you for being part of the review, and for taking the time to reflect and write after the fact. Everyone else, jump in. Submit to Ground Works or check the box on the a2ru Community Profile and Engagement inventory that says you want to be a reviewer for Ground Works. 

Veronica Stanich is the Ground Works Managing Editor