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Vibrant Ecologies of Research

Aaron D. Knochel

What are the elements necessary to create a vibrant ecology of research where art and design inquiry may flourish alongside, within, and out of social and physical science research that is so deeply embedded within the fiber of research-oriented universities? In this special collection of Ground Works, the project work and commentaries explore vibrant ecologies of research, deepening our understanding of the institutional, social, and epistemological systems that effectively weave arts-based inquiry into the scholarly fabric of research.

An overview of the projects and commentaries selected to be a part of this collection.


Articles and Commentaries


ASKXXI: Ecologies of Interdisciplinary Research and Practice in Art + Science and Technology

Genevieve G. Tremblay, Jeff Brice, Fernanda X. Oyarzún, Nélida Pohl, and Belén Gallardo

August 2022 · 10.48807/2022.0.0068 · CC-BY-NC-ND

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Invited commentary on Vibrant Ecologies of Research

Ecologies of Transdisciplinary Research

Paul Shrivastava, Laszlo Zsolnai, David Wasieleski, and Philippe Mairesse

There is a need to bridge the arts with the sciences to fully address the social and environmental crises facing the planet. Transdisciplinarity can meet this need if certain barriers are overcome: namely, delimited thinking and dysfunctional institutional structures.

August 2022 · 10.48807/2022.1.0009 · CC-BY-NC-SA

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Invited commentary on Vibrant Ecologies of Research

Cripping Media Art Ecologies

Lindsey D. Felt and Vanessa Chang

By remaking the creative design cycle through an accessibility and disability justice lens, Leonardo CripTech Incubator scaffolds new forms of artistic access. Bringing a disability justice lens to art-and-technology research practice and to this incubator’s design, we position ourselves as facilitators in this vibrant ecology, calling up other critical voices in this process. 

August 2022 · 10.48807/2022.1.0011 · CC-BY-NC-SA

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This dialogue developed over several months between guest editor Aaron Knochel and Leonardo Executive Editor Roger Malina regarding the special collection Vibrant Ecologies of Research. Key publications and projects are jumping-off points for this wide-ranging discussion.

August 2022 · 10.48807/2022.1.0010 · CC-BY-NC

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Vibrant Ecologies of Research © 2022 by Aaron D. Knochel is licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0

Notes on the Collection

A profusion of hyperlinks within the Vibrant Ecologies projects and commentaries speak to the interconnectedness of this type of research. However, a2ru Ground Works is not responsible for the integrity of those links over time.